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bovine adj
1 of or relating to or belonging to the genus Bos (cattle) [syn: bovid]
2 dull and slow-moving and stolid; like an ox; "showed a bovine apathy" n : any of various members of the genus Bos

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From bovinus, from bos


  • a UK /ˈbəʊ.vaɪn/, /"b@U.vaIn/
  • a US: , /ˈboʊvaɪn/, /"boUvaIn/


  1. Of or pertaining to cattle.
  2. Sluggish, dull, slow-witted.

Derived terms

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of, relating to or resembling cattle
  • Finnish: nauta-
  • French: bovin, bovine
  • Latin: bovinus
  • Polish: bydlęcy
  • Portuguese: bovino
sluggish, dull, slow-witted


  1. An animal of the family Bovidae, including cattle, buffaloes and bison.


animal of the family Bovidae
  • Czech: tur
  • Finnish: nauta
  • French: bovin





Extensive Definition

The biological subfamily bovines includes a diverse group of 10 species of medium-sized to large ungulates, including domestic cattle, Bison, the Water Buffalo, the Yak, and the four-horned and spiral-horned antelopes. The evolutionary relationship between the members of the group is obscure, and their classification into loose tribes rather than formal sub-groups reflects this uncertainty. General characteristics include a cloven hoof and usually at least one of the sexes of a species having a true horn.
In most countries, bovines are used for food. Cows are eaten almost everywhere, except in most parts of India where bovines are considered sacred by most Hindus.

Systematics and Classification


Bovine is derived form Latin bos, "ox", through Late Latin bovinus.


  • International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. 2003. Opinion 2027 (Case 3010). Usage of 17ΔбГ specific names based on wild species which are pre-dated by or contemporary with those based on domestic animals (Lepidoptera, Osteichthyes, Mammalia): conserved. Bull.Zool.Nomencl., 60:81-84.


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Boeotian, Brahman, Indian buffalo, asinine, aurochs, beef, beef cattle, beef-brained, beef-witted, beeves, bison, blockish, bossy, bovid, bovine animal, buffalo, bull, bullock, calf, caprid, caprine, carabao, cattle, chumpish, cloddish, complacent, cow, cowish, cowlike, crass, critter, dairy cattle, dairy cow, deerlike, dense, dispassionate, dogie, doltish, dull, dullard, dumb, duncical, duncish, equestrian, equine, even-tempered, fat, goatish, goatlike, gross, heifer, hircine, hoggish, hoofed, hornless cow, horsy, impassive, imperturbable, ineducable, inexcitable, inirritable, kine, klutzy, leppy, lumpish, maverick, milch cow, milcher, milk cow, milker, muley cow, muley head, mulish, musk-ox, neat, oafish, opaque, ovine, ox, oxen, patient, piggish, ruminant, self-complacent, self-content, self-contented, self-satisfied, sheepish, sheeplike, smug, sottish, steady, steer, stirk, stoic, stolid, stot, stupid, swinish, thick, undisturbable, unflappable, ungulate, unirritable, unnervous, unpassionate, unteachable, wisent, wrongheaded, yak, yearling, zebu
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